Pop Cult is much more than the sum of its parts. Exactly how much more, we cannot say, but here are links to some of those parts – you can look at them and do the sums for yourself. What do you think we are, a sodding part calculator?

Soccer Punk – Roland Rock attempts some football fiction.

Billy’s Bear Club – Man of Art, Billy Mather, shares his work.

Laugh at Asanga and Anderson – internet home of Pop Cult astrologer and contributor Jon Asanga, and his comedy partner. If you investigate the site fully, you’ll find pictures of Jon in some novelty-sized underpants.

90 Minutes of Sheer Burridge – Mark Sanderson’s footballing website – it’s a blog of two halves, and quite a few quarters, too.

Benjamin Percy’s Refresh, Refresh – Benjamin Percy’s writings for the Paris Review. You can even buy his stories from America.

Orange Rooms – is an orange-themed and uniquely styled bar in the centre of Southampton. It’s a great night out with top quality food, loads of drinks and some bloody good music to boot.

The Nuffield Theatre creates award winning productions which frequently tour internationally, and alongside its own productions The Nuffield presents the best national and international touring companies. It also offers opportunities for adults and children to participate in theatre activities that enrich, educate and simply entertain.

The Log Collective – a local art group collective made up of Pop Cult illustrators and others. Their work is currently being displayed in Kolebka Bar, Southampton.

Alan Gibson’s Wing Chung Federation – the site of Pop Cult writer Alan Gibson’s Wing Chung school, where you can find out about this Chinese martial art. That way, when somebody tries to mug you, you’ll be able to smack them upside the head and escape unscathed.

Nova Industries – installations – private commissions – exhibitions – workshops – design – star wars

A space is an arts organisation which supports emerging artistic talent to create and exhibit new works of art. They deliver this aim through three project platforms: the Bargate Monument Gallery, ArtVaults and the Arches studios.

Pop Cult’s myspace – technically not a “part” of Pop Cult, but rather another site with lots of adverts on it and some pictures. Actually, it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns the Sun, the Times,  Basingstoke Canal News, Sky, and 21st Century Fox.

Pop Cult’s facebook – pretend that you’re friends with Pop Cult by adding us on facebook. Why not, you do it with everyone else?

Quartet Books – independent book publisher that champions the underdog and pursues an alternative to the mainstream.

Shortfire Press– digital publishers who, like us, love a good short story.

Pluto Press – if progressive, critical perspectives in politics and the social sciences is your bag, then these publishers have the books for you.

Tom Stallard – like photos? Like art? Like arty photos? Then check the work of this South West photographic artist.

Unseen Flirtations – Form. Language. Imagery. Tone. Rhythm. Subject matter.

Yossarian Lives – living the depraved life, so we don’t have to.


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