One of the many good things about Pop Cult is that there are drawings next to most of the words. They are always of a high standard, and I like looking at them. Here are some of the people that do the pictures:

Billy Mather illustrates for Pop Cult, and is involved in several free art groups/projects aimed at promoting visual creativity. He has a website ( and a blog (, which showcase some of his work.

Johnny Toaster draws mainly through the medium of Toast, but contrary to popular belief, prefers to eat raw bread. Sometimes he turns up to the Pop Cult office with marmalade on his face, and a twinkle in his eye.

Clarke Nova has a Superbrother.

L.Fleischmann is the prolific and peculiar man behind the Ducktin Lupins strip. Little is known about Mr Fleischmann other than that people think he’s Jewish, he hails from Irontown and wears those spring things round his shirt sleeves.

Artist, scenester and philanthropist Pete Harvey helped to launch the good ship Pop Cult by producing issue 1. He has stood at the docks ever since, watching it bob along, with a wry smile on his face and a broken champagne bottle in his hand.

More imagists coming soon.


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