Mother nature: the worst terrorist of all

Fearing the worst from a sore throat, Lord Bluetint quarantined himself in his study. The following is what he told me across the telephone after I asked for his opinions on the environment. Mother Nature, now, she’s the worst terrorist of all, and by that I don’t mean she’s clumsy and inept, or what have […]

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Not the Oxford Literary Festival announces expanded programme for its third year

The programme for the third Not the Oxford Literary Festival, which runs from March 27th-30th, has expanded to fill three nights. Highlights include a spoken-word showdown between some of the UK’s leading poets and short fiction writers; a novel performed in full in words and music both written by the author; and a dusk till […]

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  • #InsideSnowden is this the new Michael Palin travel show. Is he being shrunk and injected into the body of a man who hates secrets? 9 months ago
  • Wonder how many people voted UKIP because they thought they were a party promoting sleep and a more restful lifestyle for all? 9 months ago
  • Meanwhile in another part of the galaxy on board a gigantic spaceship the passengers of Flight MH370 attempt dialogue with their alien host. 11 months ago
  • @samjordison @guardian Great read. Nice one. 1 year ago
  • #cowboysasfood Wyatt Herb, Billy the Kid-ney bean, Wild Bill Hickok-feeandwalnutcake, Buffalo Mozzarella Bill Cody and General Custard bah! 1 year ago


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