Essential Reading Material for the Bathroom blog roll

Soft, strong and super absorbent – it’s Pop Cult’s blog roll.

You know DVD and Blu-Ray extras, well, here are Pop Cult, Essential Reading Material for the Bathroom’s news items, offcuts, articles and bits and bobs we haven’t stuck in the mag, raw and unedited, but which you should enjoy anyway. Read them at your leisure, or read them at work and get paid for reading Pop Cult – result!

National Idle Party spring conference

Movie Quiz: Name that film #4

Movie Quiz: Name that film #3

Movie Quiz: Name that film #2

Quiz: Name that film #1

Best of Laslo Boniek: Vol 1: An American Dream

Missing first issue of Pop Cult FOUND!

Bible 2 – sequel to the best-selling Bible Collection of modern biblical stories

Dylan and Ginsberg hype up Pop Cult

Woman lives to 120 by smoking cannabis every day by Joe Crosby

Less work and a pair of boobs to play with BY Normal Wisdom

Chris de Burgh’s healing hands

Dog dismisses Einstein’s theory of relativity

The National Idle Party Needs YOU! by Normal Wisdom

Indiana Letwin and the Temple of Dim

Mother’s Hip by Barry Normal

Why don’t the 98% of us pool our considerable talents together and build a giant rocket to fire the other 2% into deepest space? By Normal Wisdom.

A Separate Reality: further conversations with Don Juan by Carlos Castanormal

A bluffers guide to the offside rule for girls by Joe Crosby


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Pop Cult on twitter

  • In need of a good book to read. Any suggestions? Will have to get it from the library, provided the f***er's not been closed. 4 years ago
  • Errol Brown had the right idea, checking out the day before the election hoopla. 4 years ago
  • Yesterday I was asked 'what's afoot?' I replied it is that thing at the end of your leg. #GreatestMomentOfMyLife 4 years ago
  • According to today's news My bad back makes me part chimpanzee. Does this mean I can now start flinging my shit at people? 4 years ago
  • Gerbils - like wild horses - are terribly tricky to break. But once you have and you've strapped them to your feet you'll be a pavement king 4 years ago

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