Movie quiz: name that film #16

A movie quiz to test your film knowledge, or simply instead make us laugh and give these movies alternative funny titles.

Post your answers below. The first to name all three correctly is the winner. We shall gives hugs and kisses to the winner and the person who gives us the funniest alternative film title or comment. We’ll post the winners up on Twitter and Facebook page. Good luck.

Film 1

Film 2

Film 3

A few correct entries this time, but again Jim Condon calexico65 was first to get it right. He really is the movie quiz King. The films are 1) Two Lane Blacktop 2) The Wedding Crashers 3) Escape to Victory. Funniest comment goes to Loo Roll Lou for this piece of enlightenment: ‘I love arse paper. Imagine life without it – only true friends would shake hands.’

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