The Pop Cultists

At any given moment, the Pop Cult office is to be found full of delicate genius – inspired writers, whimsical illustrators, and the occasional sweary editor. Here are they:

Keegan Wilson is our sweary editor in chief.

Paul Solomon, aka Johnny Toaster, is Pop Cult’s much-admired Art Director, and is responsible for the magazine’s unique look and managing its team of illustrators.

richard mason the sub-editor of PoopCult and in charge of making sure their’s no speeling and, punctuation mistakes; in the final copy of the mag if you nootice any then its all richards foolt and fell three to blame he ok.

Jon Asanga does the Horror Scope predictions, and the “Ask Jon” feature.

Mark Sanderson does some stories and other good things. “Sandy” also has a stake in a holiday centre.

L. Fleischmann is responsible for the Ducktin Lupins cartoons.

Laslo Boniek is an immigrant from Ippleonia, who has come to the UK to follow the American Dream.

Billy Mumphrey is the person behind this blog, and a recent addition to the Pop Cult literati.

Alan Gibson has been writing for Popcult since its conception and prostitutes himself shamelessly to any other disreputable organisations that will accept him.

‘V’ is a childhood friend of Keegan’s. He is also a UK comedian, writer and actor\face\personality who has recently been riding high with the Hollywood elite. He does not want to sully his good reputation by revealing here who he is.

Benjamin Percy is a the Paris Review’s Plimpton Award winner of 2007, whose second collection of
short stories Refresh, Refresh was released summer 2008. When he’s not busy winning awards he alos writes for Pop Cult.

Clarke Nova is an artist frantically scratching out drawings perched upon an inadequate piece of flotsam set adrift on a mountainous tar black sea in a contemptible world where
hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia means you’re scared of long words…

Chris Bilton is a former Government artist who drew the dole. Today he is a painter and sculptor,;he has also had several of his plays performed and short stories and poems published. In Pop Cult he is Mr Average.

Writer Christien Haywood loves big butts and he cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist, and shakes her round thing in his face, he gets sprung. He also enjoys reading and golf.

Joe Crosby turns wine into piss – he also performs other miracles for Pop Cult.

Roland Rock does not want to say anything about himself and is only interested in trying to write the prefect story.

Some of these people also moonlight in various other occupations when they’re not smashing words together to make sentences and stories. Roland Rock sells winkles and other seafood in local public houses, for example, so if you see him during a night out, please buy some crabsticks off him. The Links page tells you more about the Pop Cultists’ pet projects.


  1. Hi,

    I am writing per my client Cherie Johnson best known for her work on TV shows like Punky Brewster, Family Matters and new movie I Do…I Did! ( where she starred, wrote and produced) that airs repeatedly on B.E.T and is out on DVD. Cherie has acquired a 7 book deal and 1st book “Around The World Twice” is in stores as of 8/23/10. I would love for her to be featured in your magazine. Excerts are below…….


    Jay Hall

    On Tuesday, September 7, 2010, Cherie joined Shadow Play Entertainment’s literacy campaign called TAKE TIME TO READ as the national spokesperson, sharing her thoughts on why reading is so important no matter what your career.

    Please read below


    Press Release of the book deal

  2. Dear Jay, please email and we can discuss further. With best wishes, Roland.

  3. mozwjg

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