Movie quiz: Name that film #11

Welcome to Name That Film. The fun quiz that invites you to tell us what films the movie stills below are from. Or make us laugh by giving these films new names based upon the stills.

Simply post your answers below. First person to name all three correctly is the winner (you win nothing, except the honour of being a winner). We’ll post the winner and the funniest answers here, and on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Good luck.

Film 1

Film 2

Film 3

We have a winner by the name of Jillian who says about herself: “I’m an avid knitter, crocheter, bead embroiderer and jewelry maker. I tend to watch a lot of movies and too much sci-fi TV while creating and find myself drawing a lot of inspiration from what I watch.  When taking a break from creating and film, I read a lot of poetry, fiction and comics, including work by Adrienne Rich, Warren Ellis, Gail Simone, Jeff Lemire, Umberto Eco, Cormac McCarthy and J.M. Coetzee.  And, even though decades have passed and I love Marisa Tomei, I still can’t believe she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for My Cousin Vinny.” Jillian was the first person to correctly identify Film1 as Meet the Feebles, Film 2 being Conan The Destroyer and Film 3 My Cousin Vinny. Vaughan Kidler and Beano Compton win the funniest comment for having the balls to ask when this quiz should have been stopped.


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