Movie quiz: Name that film #7

Welcome to Name That Film. The fun quiz that invites you to tell us what films the movie stills below are from. Or make us laugh by giving these films new names based upon the stills.

Simply post your answers below. First person to name all three correctly is the winner (you win nothing, except the honour of being a winner). We’ll post the winner and the funniest answers here, and on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Good luck.

Film 1

Film 2

Film 3

At this risk of inviting accusations of nepotism…  the first person to answer all three correctly was Pop Cult author Billy Mumphrey. He rightly identified the films as: Film 1 Logan’s Run. Film 2 Kind Hearts & Coronets. Film 3 The Machinist. All three are very differnet, but worthwhile films to watch.

To all the others who also answered correctly, I assure you there were no Florida vote counting type of shenanigans, and that Billy won fair and square.

Meanwhile, another Billy, Billy Mather that is, wins the funniest comment award by breaking all the rules to show us that smut and low-rent humour can still be funnee. This is his second humour award in a row. Can you beat him next time?


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