Bible 2 – sequel to the best-selling Bible

The Bible, they say, is the best selling book. So what better way for us to make money and get rich than writing a sequel, a Bible 2?

In this much anticipated and on-going follow up, much to the delight of certain angels, God is a loser, a drunk and has spent so much time expanding the rest of the Universe that he has clean forgotten about humanity, his most prized creation.

Can God pull it together one last time? Is there hope for humanity? Will Vic Ferrari find Frank Sinatra in Heaven?

The Bible 2: Part one: God checks his diary

The Bible 2: Part two: God pays off a debt

The Bible 2: Part three: God’s folly

The Bible 2: Part four: Hotel mishap

The Bible 2: Part five: The Hunter

The Bible 2: Part Six: God gets called Gandalf

The Bible 2: Part seven: God admits everything is random


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