The Bible 2: Part six: God gets called Gandalf

God idly sipped a beer and watched the Angel Harathesis chalk up the details of the bet. Angel Harathesis held the blackboard firmly with one hand and wrote with the other, setting out various the ways of humanity’s demise and their odds. As the Angel scribbled, God watched, and both their noses twitched as in wafted the grimy smell of old sweat, stale cigarettes, scotch and liberally applied cheap aftershave. The smell was sickening, overpowering, and caused both God and the Angel Harathesis to stop what they were doing and turn their attention to the door.

What they saw was the unmistakable figure of the recently deceased New York cabaret singer, entertainer and onetime Pop Cult, Essential Reading Material for the Bathroom contributor, Vic Ferrari.

Vic edged backwards into the room and was yet to notice God and the Angel Harathesis. “Jimi, don’t look so glum, don’t look at me like that, I’ll be back later. It’d be a honour for me as well,’ Vic said to whomever was outside. ‘Keep your guitar plugged in and keep that Mozart guy around – that cat knows how to boogie. Maybe you should jam with Morrison, or that Joplin chick? I know you wanna hear some of the tunes, but I don’t feel like singing at the moment. I need some Vic time. I don’t feel I’ve fully explored this place yet. I’ve yet to check in with the big man himself, Frankie.”

With that Vic closed the door and turned to face God and the Angel Harathesis, “whoah! Gandalf,” he said leaping back against the hardwood of the closed door. “You almost scared me to death. Except I’m already dead, I think.”

”Gandalf?”, God mumbled to himself.

”What’s this,” said Vic barging his way into the room, stopping to study the odds on the blackboard. “That’s easy. It’s the third one down. Now, what do I win?”

The Angel Harathesis lovingly put a hand on Vic’s shoulder and smiled broadly at God.

”Getcha dirty hand off of me you creepy schmuck!” threatened Vic who’d struck a fighters’ pose, whilst God, observing the scene, cried out, “I’ve not lost yet, Harathesis, I’ve not lost yet.”

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