The Bible 2: Part five: The Hunter

God watched the Earth from on high and was disappointed that no one had noticed his leaving. The Earth remained the same. It was still blue, hanging alone by itself in the darkness of space with no clue as to why it was there, all of which was still a mystery to those who walked its surface and breathed in its air. One big mystery.

Humanity suffered from jaded cynicism. This was the result of humanity leaving its bloody fingerprints over everything it touched, and people noticng this. Humans knew themselves too well to trust one another implicitly; they felt hunted, but set out to hunt others as well. This, or so they thought, was the only way to survive, the unspoken rule of all human behaviour and the only thing they properly knew and could trust. For example: if you want to make profit there are no such things as customers, there is only prey… and so on in every human endeavour… you get the picture.

The human as hunter and the human as prey is a lonely way to be, a sad existence, not trusting, and this runs through the core of every person, every town, city, country, society, organisation, corporation, club and family, albeit with varying intensities and consequences. It no longer can be helped.

God called in the Angel Harathesis. ‘Take a look,’ He instructed. ‘You might have been right all the while. However, if you are so sure humanity will perish then tell me how, for I cannot foresee this? Yes, its people are confused, but I’m buoyed with optimism their attitude will change before the next Ice Age.’

The Angel Harathesis laughed to hear the words of God. Shaking his head he said, ‘My old friend, after all that has gone before, you are still blinded by the same love in which you created these humans. You still hold them in high esteem, and look at the wretched things they have done to you and each other. The disgrace of it. Where would the fun be if I were to tell how it ends? You should carry on watching and don’t let me spoil it.’

God frowned, ‘Ye of little faith. I’ve not lost yet.’

‘Yes,’ broke in the Angel Harathesis, ‘but, if you refuse to intervene on Earth then the destruction process will only speed up. This I can assure you. I tell you what, how about a side bet? I’ll draw up a list of possible endings, including the real one, and give I’ll give each one odds. How about it?’

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