The Bible 2: Part three: God’s folly

On receiving the three white arrows from God, The Angel Harathesis sent immediate word back telling God that he would duly accept the new bet, happily so. The skies lit up and the winds crashed the tides against the land.

Nothing on Earth had changed, except for the intensity, weapons and cruelty. To the Angel Harathesis, humans were a mistake, frustrated beasts eternally caught between Heaven and Hell, unable to explain their situation and all too eager to allow this to turn into anger and destruction. They lacked, he thought, subtlety and grace. The humans, according to The Angel Harathesis, who had no faith in them, which is why he would always bet against humanity, would, if given time, simply destroy themselves. One way or another the human race would end, of this The Angel Harathesis was certain.

The Angel Barastocolees shook her head and spoke to The Angel Harathesis, ‘why must you provoke God so. You know He loves humans and yet you set out to antagonise Him and take from Him all of His white arrows.’

The Angel Harathesis thought on this before responding, ‘True, once upon a time God’s love for humanity was matched by no other, but now He is back on Earth and his love has been spoiled, I can tell. His love fades like a sun that has given its all and has no more left to offer. The relationship has been all one way, not even God can sustain a love like that. God has not abandoned the humans, but rather it is the humans who have abandoned God, they do not even know what God is, which is why I will win this latest bet.’

‘I think you misunderstand the relationship between God and humanity, Harathesis,’ said The Angel Barastocolees. ‘God will find a way, He always does.’

‘Enough’, cried The Angel Harathesis, holding the three white arrows in the face of The Angel Barastocolees. ‘See these, God is not infallible. Do these trophies tell you nothing? God makes mistakes too, see. I have three of his white arrows and soon when the human race is no more I shall have all six. With all six, I will unite the angels and the kingdoms of heaven; no more will we have to suffer the presence of human souls. This is not my decision, it is just they way it must be, and God knows this best of all. He may not know this yet, but soon he’ll be happy to lose all His arrows, and it will be the humans that cause this and not I.’

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