The Bible 2: Part four: Hotel Mishap

The hotel room was cast in darkness with only a small area of it illuminated from the television’s snowstorm picture. The TV itself, bracketed to the wall, hissed and the hotel mini-bar fridge, with its door hanging open and its contents gone, hummed gently.

God woke with a fever and a thirst. He rose out of bed, wobbled somewhat unsteadily on his feet and grabbed the nearest thing He could reach to aid his balance. In this case, it happed to be the drapes, which let in a flood of blinding sunlight and caused Him to loose his footing and drag them down on top of Himself, and as fell he collapsed backwards onto the bed.

The heavy material held God to the bed’s surface and there followed two minutes of frenzied wrestling as He struggled out from beneath it, only to stub His big toe on the open fridge door. It was whilst clutching His throbbing foot in both hands, cursing His luck and hopping around on his good foot that God managed to bang the top of His head on the underside of the television and its wooden shelf.

Ye gads, thought God, as He fell prone to the bed. Sometime later he awoke, happy in the sanctuary of the beds downy warmth, but fearing what might happen next if He dare leave its cosy safety. Why had He been so pig headed and made the offer of double or quits to the Angel Harathesis, He thought? In his younger days God was reckless, He could afford to take risks, and it didn’t matter if they went wrong, because there was still plenty left over to play with, but over time, as things age and deplete, God never shook that habit of recklessness. He could do what He wanted, and why not, He had the power to create everything all over again, and better, if He so decided. He was still the strongest, by far, the power of God is unimaginable and knows no bounds in the realm of truth, but in times of illusion and opinion, He was weak, facing His darkest times yet. Lies had taken hold and consumed the planet.

The bet prevented God from taking direct action. He could not give answers where questions were being asked. He could not save and He could not heal, and He could not do all the things people wanted Him so badly to do. God was limited in His options. On previous occasions, He sent out global warnings in order to teach humanity, but these proved to be a bit too vague for understanding, and they only served to strengthen the resolve of humanity and to make it a better, more ruthless survivor. God sent fourth prophets, His children, in the forms of men and women so they could spread His teachings, but it never really quite worked out right, in fact, all these indirect interventions, on reflection, had probably created more problems than they solved. There was a conflict of beliefs and ideals.

God was short of options, and He knew time was running out, or was it speeding up? It made no difference, because God didn’t want to have to rip it up and start again, that was the ultimate test, but then again, maybe things had gotten a little stale and it was time for change. God left Earth and returned to the Heavens, deciding it was in the hands of humans now, let them choose. And so God washed his hands of humanity and turned it over to itself. As for arrows, He could make more, a million if He wanted.

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