Woman lives to 120 by smoking cannabis every day by Joe Crosby

A few years back there was a news story about Fulla Nayak who claimed to be 120 years old, and said the reason she lived so long was because she smoked cannabis cigars and drunk strong palm wine every day in her hut in India.

The story went on to explain how Fulla lived with her 92-year-old daughter and grandson, 72. In it she was quoted as saying: “I don’t know how I’ve survived so long. Many relatives much younger than me have died.”

The overriding thing I took from the story was: 72 and still living at home with your mum?

Oh yes, sure, you can tell me India has a whole different set of cultural rules and economic conditions that create a situation for extended families to flourish, and that this scenario is in fact nothing out of the norm. You can even accuse me of judging it from the point of view where in my country the extended family has been broken up – although it is now coming back in vogue as rising house prices are forcing more and more young adults to remain living with their parents,’ but 72 and still at home? Really?

Okay, I know nothing of the grandson’s circumstance. He himself might be married. His own children could be living with them in the same house/hut, and possibly even their children too! I shouldn’t judge, but have judged. If I were he talking to the journalists covering the story about his nan I would have said: “Can you leave me out of this please. There is no need to mention me. Just mention the stuff about her smoking dope and drinking wine. The world does not need to know about her 72-year-old grandson still living at home with his mum and gran. In fact, maybe in your newspapers you can embellish the truth somewhat and tell people that her grandson, me, is a big Bollywood stunt man, or a racing car driver. Yes.”
My own grandma, bless her, she lived to be 137, and we, her family, put it down to her lying… because in reality after we checked her birth certificate she was only 83.

Still, 83’s not bad, eh?

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