Less work and a pair of boobs to play with BY Normal Wisdom

In order to cope with the ageing problem in the UK politicians want to YOU to work till you turn 67. Where has all the money gone? I do not mind working till then if it benefits the country, but it seems a bit odd that the gap between rich and poor is growing all the time, and instead of taxing the rich to relieve the poor they are deciding that the ordinary man and woman must work for even longer. Life is turning out to be more like Roots every day.

Why do people stop working after they are dead? Can they not be used as draught excluders, hat stands, doorstops and so on? In my mind the government do not go far enough with this proposal.

HO HO HO. A woman called Sarah, who used to be a man, won the right to retire in the UK at the age of 60, despite the government telling her she was a man and would have to work to 65. She took her case to the European Courts and won.

I can see it now: Scores of blokes unable to stomach the thought of having to work till they are 67 rushing out to get this op done. Okay, it’s a hell of a sacrifice to make, but it does means less work and a pair of boobs to play with whenever you want during retirement, now, isn’t that a fair trade off? Perhaps not, but it is a thought.


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