Indiana Letwin and the Temple of Dim

Fearing the worst from a sore throat, Dr Conroy Bluetint quarantined himself in his study. The following is what he told me across the telephone after I asked for his opinions on the environment.

Mother Nature, now, she is the worst terrorist of all. By that I don’t mean she’s no good at it, that she’s clumsy and inept or what have you, quite the opposite. I mean that she stalks us all and randomly takes billions of us out each year through illness, pestilence and natural disaster. Cheery thought I know, but there is no escaping the fact she is a remorseless killer, the perfect killer. A person needs to be on guard when dealing with her. Chicken Flu is a prime example of her powers. Great I thought, I’m not a chicken, therefore I must be in the clear, but Mother Nature isn’t big on semantics, you can try and be pedantic all you want and point out the obvious, but once she has you that’s it. There can be no arguments.

The men in white coats, the boffins in labs, the other week told us she (Mother Nature) is getting worse, out of control almost. Yet, I suppose the relationship with Mother Nature during human existence has always been a loving one. We try taming her because we love taking advantage. That is how it has always been. Like what’s-his-face, the film fellow with the eyes, Indiana Letwin, that’s him, the bugger’s forever sticking an arm out to retrieve his hat at the last second. Nice legs as well. Good solid legs for walking around on, and running, which are important in his line of work, but forgive me, I digress. Where were we? Yes. What I’m trying to say is that when it comes to Mother Nature, us humans are just like Indiana Letwin in the Temple of Dim, in that our greedy faces light up at the thought of all the riches and jewels we can scoop up in our hands and have away. I reckon she’s about damn near had enough, don’t you?


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