Pop Cult 9 goes electric; Channel-hopping

Pop Cult issue nine is now available as pure electricity, which is a surprisingly environmentally-friendly alternative to paper (using paper only encourages the growth of trees, which are bad for the atmosphere and use up precious soil).  Click on the Back Issues page to see what I’m on about.

Furthermore, we have received the following call to arms from one of our illustrators, Clarke Nova:

Hello Pop Cult readers,



As you know may or may not  I’m not much of a fitness type person, apart from five-a-side on a Thursday night in which I mainly try not to throw up my lungs…. however, this is not the case with my younger brother Mat (a physical training instructor in the RAF) who, during the last week of September of this year will be swimming the Channel – that’s right folks, SWIMMING THE CHANNEL.

To date, Mat is the Navy heavyweight boxing champion (knocked his opponent out in the first round) and has completed an Iron man, the Hastings marathon, the Great North Run, a tough guy and a hell runner… and to quote the chap over Christmas “I’ve had enough of  this running bollocks… I know, I’ll swim the channel…”

Unfortunately, our Gran lost her battle with cancer at the beginning of this year, but her  courage was kept strong by the dedication of her family and of the MacMillan nurses who treated her at home. Raising money through sponsorship for the MacMillan nurses has thus become the driving force of Mat’s crossing.

At the end of 2005, only 811 individuals had completed 1185 verified attempted crossings. This is mainly due to the changing tides causing fatigue. For example, the day after David Walliams completed the crossing it was the turn of his professional swimmer friend; after the first 4 hours he was on for a record crossing, then the tide changed and his average speed for the next 3 hours was 0 mph. Needless to say he got knackered and had a word with himself.

Mat is in cold water training at the present and the geese are getting the ‘special’ feed.

If you could find the time please follow the link to his page and if you want you can sponsor him.

Thanks very much for reading this – please forward this message to anyone else that could help with this worthy cause.

I’m gonna be in the support boat taking photos and feeding him with a stick.


Clarke Nova


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