Pop Cult 9

The ninth issue of Pop Cult has finally wriggled its way off the printing press, and will be winging its way to various pubs, cafés and tourist information centres across the land. In case you don’t stumble across a copy, then email popcultmag at gmail.com, and we’ll despatch a boy scout on a skateboard to deliver one.

This issue features:

  • Psychic Sandra
  • Some cracking stories from authors new and established, propped up with some lovely illustrations
  • Lots of mental Ducktin Lupins cartoons
  • Other funny stuff
  • Page numbers
  • Unexploded ordnance

Keep an eye out for an electrified copy (i.e. a PDF) of issue 9, soon to be added to the burgeoning back issues wing of the Pop Cult mansion.

Peace out, as they say in the Hood.


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