Latest issue

The latest issue of Pop Cult is now available. Which is really a tautology when you think about it, but it sounds nice. Anyway, issue number 8 has got:

  • The latest awkward goings-on in the life of V
  • More astrological musings from Jon Asanga
  • A great (Untitled) piece by regular Cultist, Mark Sanderson
  • Laslo Boniek getting political
  • Fantastic illustrations and cartoons a-plenty, including the marvellous Ducktin Lupins
  • Loads more short stories, oddities, and the usual irreverent nonsense

If you want to get hold of issue 8, then email popcultmag at to find your nearest distributor.

(Un)Interesting note: as I write this, the blog’s spellchecker wants to change the word “popcultmag” into “poikilothermic”, which apparently is the scientific term for cold-blooded. Issue 8 does feature a lizard George Bush, so maybe that’s poignant somehow.


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